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There are many things that I love about newborn photography… from the posing and styling, to the geeky tech stuff & camera technique, and of course comforting each little one that comes to the studio so their experience is at all times calm and safe. ¬†During a 3 hour session there are times during feedings and in between set-up changes to talk with the family. ¬† This adorable fella, along with his new beginning, also has a wonderful story to ¬†his start… ¬†an adoption perfect in every way. ¬† ¬†It was a pleasure to hear his story and I’m so happy to have a small part in capturing this special time for a wonderful family. ¬†Meet 7 day old Maddox and his big brother Gavin.


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Beautiful 15 day old Ella. ¬†Tracy and I have had a short break from the studio to catch up on all our current work before the holidays. ¬†When Ella’s mom called last minute for a session I just had to fit her in:) ¬†I always look forward to studio time posing a newborn and it seems my week isn’t right unless I have at least one session! ¬†Ella was a treat and photographed beautifully. ¬†Happy Holidays everyone. ¬†Many more posts to come as I catch up on my blog.


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New York newborn


Tracy and I took a trip last week to NYC for a newborn session. ¬†Oh how we love the ‘city’. ¬†I got to do just a few of my favorite things all in one trip…got to pose this beautiful baby girl Dylan, ¬†got to see Miles again¬†(and his wonderful parents)¬†after photographing him as a newborn just 21 months ago, got to go to my favorite fabric store (and spend a small fortune), got to go to Rockefeller plaza to see the most amazing holiday tree ever (WOW is that big and countless lights), and had some of the best meals of my life this trip. ¬†I think I need to go more often… so all you NY newborns better be calling:) ¬†I know Dylan was sure happy we came to see her. ¬†Check out all those smiles!



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newborn workshop


What a great way to end the last class of the year. ¬†Thank you so much to the parents for bringing your beautiful newborns to pose at class. ¬†Seven sleepy models over two days doesn’t get any better in my opinion. ¬†And as always we had a terrific group of photographers traveling the globe to come and see us! ¬†Australia, Brazil and all across the US were represented at this class. ¬†WOW… we loved meeting everyone.

Now on to the stars of the show. ¬†Xavier, Charlie, Alivia, Owen, Augustin, Casen and Finnegan… you did terrific:)



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I wish all newborns slept like Aiden!  He was so peaceful and such a delight to pose!


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I remember a few years ago when I would do the majority of the images in a gallery in black and white. ¬†Now it seems the craze is color. ¬†So here’s my post to bring back the black and white photo. ¬†I love how when an image is in black and white it’s about simplicity! ¬†Meet Jack, 10 days old.


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What a delight Lylah was to pose, 8 days old and super duper sleepy!  And how good does she look on purple:)  I pulled out everything purple I had in my studio!


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Such a little peanut.  She was so fun to pose.  Meet Landri, 7 days old and just over 6 pounds.

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Super sleepy fella, and oh was he charming the ladies in the studio with his smile!  Meet Bennett, 6 days old.

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What fun we had with Gabrielle. Tracy and I had a training day for our new assistant and these are just a few of my favorites from our time in my studio.  Thanks so much Eric and Cara for letting us play with Gabrielle, she is precious!