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7 months old, sitting but not yet crawling… other than newborn this another one of my favorite ages! ¬†They are so expressive and full of eye contact right at the camera. ¬†Makes it so fun to capture all the wonderful expressions. ¬†It always amazes me how much they grow and change the first year. ¬†At the bottom I have added one of my favorites of Hannah as a newborn. ¬†I can’t wait to see her again this summer when she is 1. ¬†I’m sure she will keep getting more and more beautiful!

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baby boys...


Such handsome boys in the studio this week!  First up is Elijah at 5 days old and his brother Malakhi who is 3.

and Mr Smiles, Gage at 8 days old. ¬†When he smiled he wasn’t sure what was going on, but it stuck around for a while. ¬†So adorable!




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twin newborn photography


Such handsome brothers and such a pleasure to photograph! Meet Max and Nolan, 14 days old.

If you are pregnant and wanting to book a client sitting, please email me at
for newborn session details.


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a day in the studio…


We spent such a wonderful day in the studio this past Sunday with 3 completely adorable newborns.  I always look forward to all days studio sessions!  And we met a lovely photographer who came all the way from Dubai to study with us.  I know all this cuteness was worth her long travel to get to Omaha.  We really enjoyed our day with her.

For those families expecting a new little one, we have availability starting late February for client sessions.  Please email to for details.


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Tis the busy season for photographers, but had to share a few of this pretty little girl!  Meet Taylor, 11 days old.




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Our boy streak continues in the studio!! ¬†We have had 12 boys and only 1 little lady in past several weeks and two sets of boy twins coming to the studio this week. ¬†Definitely a first for us as we are used to a few more girls in the mix. ¬†We are loving all the boys and here’s one more handsome fella. ¬†Once he got his belly full he was so peaceful and sleepy!! ¬†Meet Muhab, 13 days old.


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Meet Ryker, 6 days old.  Such a peaceful little one, and how adorable is his spiky hair and chubby cheeks!

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So adorable, all 6 pounds of him.  Meet Maxwell, 9 days old.

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Meet Owen, 6 days old. ¬†This has to be one of the easiest sessions we’ve had to date. ¬†He was so peaceful and so sleepy and ever so handsome. ¬†He was such a pleasure to photograph!

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Australia 2013


We’re heading to western Australia to teach our newborn posing and styling workshop. ¬†Email me at to register!