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Western Australia…


My sister Tracy and I recently returned from a trip to Perth in Western Australia.  While there, we taught to 61 photographer and photographed 21 newborns.  This trip was one that can not be described in words the immense amount of fun it was to both photograph newborns in this wonderful location and also meet & teach to so many photographers.  Here are just a few images to share!  I want to also give a special thanks to all the parents of these gorgeous newborns that came to be a part of our workshop.

Please check out our facebook page for the list of prop sponsors. ~ Facebook link: .  This workshop would not have been as successful without having such wonderful newborn items to style each set-up.  Thank you so much, each and every prop shop that donated their time to help out!  Sponsors include:  JD Vintage Props, Emerald Photo Prop, Darn Fanciful, Monkey MooMoo, Prop Cartel, Devoted Knits, Avonli Cottage, Drops and Props, Little Doe, Goodnight Mouse Baby Knits, Made with Love, EEP designs, Brand New Babe, Love That Prop, & Samantha Jane Designs.  All of which can be found on Facebook.